Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beauty Blender Dupe!!

Its always when I least expected or had no view of buying anything as I wander round the shop that I find a great beauty buy. This time it was in H&M of all places and I just had to purchase it, at the cheap and cheerful price of £1.99 I thought it was worth a shot to try out this Beauty Blender dupe!

The Beauty Blender (link here) is a specially designed sponge to apply and blend make-up products such as foundation, concealer and blusher. It has an egg like shape with no edges so that it leaves a seamless finish with no visible lines and streaks which you may get with usual triangular shaped sponges. The Beauty Blender is made to be used damp, stippling with the base to apply and blend product and using the narrow end to get to hard to reach areas such as around the nose, mouth and under the eyes. You can also use the pointed end to cover blemishes.
Beauty Blender-£16

H&M Blender  £1.99
As you can see the H&M blender is a fraction of the price of a Beauty Blender at £16.00 for one sponge compared to H&M's £1.99 version. As the Beauty Blenders egg like shape is patented the shape isn't exactly the same but it has the same rounded base and pointed front so you can still stipple on products and use the narrow end to get to hard to reach places. When I tried this damp it worked really well to apply foundation onto the skin, creating a heavier coverage and even base. The narrower end was great to apply concealer by stippling and rolling to blend.

Happy Blogging!!

Friday, 20 July 2012

MUA Cosmetics NEW 'Every Lash' Mascara!

Who can't resist a new mascara? I know I can't and so when I found out about this mascara I really wanted to try it out, so here it goes!

Introducing 'Every Lash' Mascara, this is the new mascara from MUA Cosmetics (link here).
It comes in shades black, black/brown and waterproof black so is great if you want a holiday-proof mascara at a bargain price! Now onto the brush, the brush as you can see below is a plastic comb brush with little teeth along the wand and a rounded end with teeth positioned in all angles. Now I know some are undecided on these style brushes and are loyal to their original style mascara wands but I feel this comb style wand really enables you to get to the root of your lashes and defines every lash without clumping ! (it does what it says on the tin!!).

The results:


 I am really impressed with this mascara and felt it really did define each lash as well as separating them out, giving  length and with two coats giving a nice amount of volume to my lashes without any clumps (down to the trusty style of the wand).

This mascara really reminds me of Benefit's They're Real Mascara and so if you love that then you will love this one and at only a fraction of the price, you really cant go wrong!

Purchase it at Superdrug stores for only £3!


Im Back!

Hey everyone,

So this is just a quick post to say I'm back as I haven't blogged in quite a long time as I have been pretty busy! I am now qualified make-up artist with a VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Make-up Artistry, so that's exciting and I am now out there trying to break into the make-up world and enhance my portfolio! I shall be blogging soon with a blog on MUA Cosmetics new Every Lash Mascara, HnM's own version of the Beauty Blender, an Illamasqua Haul  and Barry M's new colour change polish. Along with photos of make-up work I will be getting up to soon!!

Blog soon!

Katie xoxo