Sunday, 11 March 2012

Guinot Skincare

Hello Lovelies,

 So for the past week I have been on Guinot training in Ascot, to be trained in their facials and products for my salon job. The training was really great and in depth and I'd recommend any therapists to give Guinot training a go as the facials give great results and the products are lovely! Guinot (pronounced Gi-no) is a french skin care brand, which provide a huge range of face and body products from age care to sun care, make-up to body care. All their products are named in french and they have products for all skin types.

Now for you beauty bloggers and buyers I shall give you  a little insight on Guinots skincare range as many of you may not have heard of them as their products can only be bought in salons which sell/ provide Guinot treatments. Whilst on training I got given this box set of some of their products to try out, this is what I got given:

Eau D'Emaquillante Parfaite-  For those of you, guilty of using make-up wipes to quickly remove make-up before bed? I know your out there! This 3-in-1 cleanser is a must, its quick and easy to use as it cleanses the face, removes eye make-up and tones! It contains Flower and Cucumber extracts to soothe the skin and Ginseng which helps to give a glow to the skin. I wouldn't advise using this for long-term use, but its great to take to the gym or on holiday, apply to dry cotton pads and remove. Simples!

Gommage Grain D'Eclat- If you like exfoliators with grains, you will like this, it removes dead skin and moisturises the skin, different to other exfoliators you apply a thin veil of this to the skin, leave for a few minutes and roll off with fingers and then rinse. The point of rolling off the exfoliator first is that the friction caused by this causes the jojoba microspheres to burst providing moisture to the skin. I would advise this exfoliator to sensitive, inflamed skins due to the friction.

Longue Vie Cellulaire-None of use want to accept it but once you get to your twenties the first signs of ageing can start. Not necessarily on the outside but the inside, this moisturiser revitalises the skin for a lovely glow and contains a Cellular life complex which is used in hospitals to treat burns and so this is great for skin which may be scarred and needs healing.

Long Vie Yeux- An eye cream which prevents lines occurring in younger skin and smoothes fine lines and signs of tiredness. Great for those with the beginning signs of ageing round the eyes.

Masque Energie Lift- A lovely mask which reveals glowing skin, brightens the complex and instantly smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin. Containing vitamin C.

Longue Vie Corps- A luxurious body firming cream which smoothes the skin and has the Cellular life Complex in which is great for scarring because of its regenerating effect. It has a lovely creamy texture.

Hope you found this post interesting!

Katie xoxo


  1. Love Guinot. Had a facial in the salon and now can't live without the products. I get mine from as they have a great range.

    1. They are lovely! Wouldnt buy them online though just to be sure. xx

  2. Nice blog and all the products looks amazing! :)

    I am now following you, follow back if you like.

    1. I know they are great! Thanks I will do x

  3. Awesome post. Very informative!