Friday, 16 March 2012

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation

Beauty Bloggers!

After thinking Benefit would never bring out a liquid foundation, they finally have! I introduce to you Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Foundation, retailing at £24.50. The foundation comes in nine different shades ranging from lighter shades to darker ones and is oil-free which is great if, like me, you have combination/oily skin, it also has SPF25 which is by far the highest sun factor I have seen in a foundation and so you can protect your skin from the ageing sun rays whilst looking good. It also contains Benefits Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex which boosts cellular respiration and so prevents the signs of ageing. Who can say no to that?

I find that the packaging is very different from Benefit's usual, colourful, unique packaging and bares quite plain compared to the rest but nonetheless chic. Inside the box it also comes with a Porefessional Primer sample, which may I add is a fantastic primer if you suffer with larger pores and would be great if Benefit did this more often. 

 I bought this foundation online in shade 'Amber', but let me warn you, the shades are much darker than the Hello Flawless powders and do not correspond, even though they have the same names so you should definitely get matched first. For example, I am ‘Hazelnut’ in the powder but 'Amber' in the liquid foundation and even Amber is very slightly too dark for me!  The foundation itself is quite runny and light in texture rather than creamy and provides a light/medium coverage depending on how much you apply as it is buildable and feels light weight on the skin, giving a dewy finish and glow. I wore this today with the Porefessional primer underneath on my t-zone and a sheer covering of translucent power on those areas that tend to get shine and it lasted all day and made my skin look naturally flawless. I applied the foundation with ELF's Studio Stipple Brush (link) to really blend the foundation into the skin for an even, airbrushed coverage and i really do feel it made the difference. Overall, I am impressed with the foundation and would recommend it!!

Katie xoxo


  1. oh i heard about this i may have to try it

    thanks hun


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  4. Nice post, I need a new foundation, so I might try this;)

  5. Great post, I'm looking for a new foundation!
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  6. ooh, great review, i've not seen much about how long this foundation lasts on oily skin! i think you may have tempted me to give this a shot sometime and hopefully with a setting powder it will last a while on my oily skin! <3

    1. I agree, I think if you use a great setting powder it will last! x

  7. Nice review.
    Mind to follow each other?:)

    Happy blogging!

    1. Thank you, of course I dont mind :) x