Monday, 6 February 2012

Dreams & Nightmares

Hi Girls,

I mentioned in a previous post a while back that I was going to be a MUA for my college dance show and so I wanted to share with you how it went and my prep for the show, photos etc. The show was last Tuesday and the theme was 'Dreams and Nightmares', I chose to pick the Dreams theme as I thought it'd be quite fun  and so to begin made a mood board of make-up ideas and images that inspired me.

I cut out photos from magazines, printed some from the web and made a huge mood board of ideas and imagery, sweets,cakes, brightly coloured make-up, glitter and more. I decided to give my model a doll like make-up look, which looked like a mask to go with her bubble-gum pink hair and here's how it turned out.

The hair was done by a fellow hairdressing student which I felt helped to bring the whole look together. Overall, I am happy with how the make-up turned out, just sad my camera isn't that great but I did get some professional photos done my a photographer there so will try and get hold of those!
I purposely made the colours bright and features exaggerated to give a doll like look and also as it is on stage it needed to be seen through the lights and crowds of people! I drew the lashes on the bottom  and used falsies on the top, to give a wide-eyed effect !

Me & my fellow MUA student friend, Kerri :) (Not the best pic of me ha)
What do you guys think?

Katie xoxo


  1. I love that makeup! I'm obsessed with inspiration boards & seeing what inspires other people. Great post! You're beautiful, btw!

    1. Oh thank you! Ohhh your too kinda, that's a horrid pic of me x