Friday, 3 February 2012

Amazon Haul

Hey Girls,

I wanted to do a haul post on some cosmetic items I bought from Amazon the other day. They weren't delivered all together so I had to wait for them to arrive before posting so sorry for the delay!

I bought:

W7 Honolulu Bronzer-£1.99
W7 Fan Brush-£1.25  (Sent with Bronzer so shipping was just £1.99 on top)
Eylure Nautralities in Super Full No 100-£3.75
Royal & Langnickel  S.I.L.K Pro Angled Shader Eyeshadow Brush-C500-£3.23
Royal Cosmetic Connections Eyelash Adhesive 7g-£2.55

( All include delivery price)

I never realised how good Amazon is for bargain beauty buys, many people say be careful when buying cosmetics online but Amazon has always been reliable for me and some items you can buy so much cheaper than in store. For example, the Eylue lashes are usually approx £5.99 in most stores! Cant help a bargain!!

The reason why I bought these Eylure lashes is because last Saturday I applied these lashes to a friend of mine and they looked lovely! I love the fact that the rim of the lashes isn't thick and so looks natural stopping you from having to apply a thick line of eyeliner to cover it! They also feel really lightweight on the eyes and so would be great for daytime wear and they blend in nicely with your own lashes. I shall take a picture of me wearing them when I use them, for you guys!

  I am yet to try this eyelash adhesive, I bought it from the same seller who sold me the pack of 10 lashes in the previous post as those lashes didn't come with any glue. I shall let you know my verdict once I use it!

 Probably my favourite buy, this angled shader brush from Royal & Langnickel as it is super soft and just the right size and angle to blend eyeshadows in the socket line to create the perfect smokey eye! I shall definitely be buying more of their brushes. I plan to buy a blusher brush next. Highly recommend girls!

  Lastly, my two purchases from W7, I haven't used their products before but I have seem them around online. I am pleased with the fan brush as it is really soft and doesn't feel scratchy on the skin. I have wanted a fan brush for ages for my brush kit as it is great to apply a light dusting of powder/blusher on the face without applying too heavily. I haven't had any hair fall out which is good as I expected there to be some as its quite cheap!

I have been searching for a cheap, matte bronzer which doesn't have shimmer in for ages and have found it hard1 So when I saw this 'Benefit Hoola' imitation powder I just had to buy it. It makes me laugh how similar it is too 'Hool' in terms of shade and packaging. It comes with a small brush, which although it is soft I wouldn't recommend applying the bronzer with unless you are in a state of emergency and have no other brush to use.

      I have applied quite alot in my swatch for it to show up on my skin tone, I do like how it goes onto the skin as it blends easily, has no shimmer and isn't too orange looking compared to many other cheap bronzers.

What do you think of my purchases my fellow beauty bloggers??

Katie xoxo


  1. I've always been tempted to buy that bronzer but didn't now whether it would be pointless because it rubs off too quickly or something, glad to see it's good!

    1. Yeah it's good for a cheap one! Obviously it's not as good as the mor premium brands but it's good for the price. Such a copy of Hoola!

  2. I think you ve found some really good bargains, I never trust eBay n amazon cos I feel I'll get ripped off. That fan brush sounds good, like a cheaper version on the one you use on ur counter. Good post , x

    1. Amazon is so good! I love it. Yeah the fan brush is really nice! Thanks T xx

  3. love the look of the shared brush. and iv always wondered what you'd use a fan brush for. now i know. :) x

    1. Ha :) yep, fan brushes as food and angled blusher brushes x

  4. love the eyelashes! i love eylure! the fan brush looks really good too! xxx

    1. I was wearing those today. Stayed on all day and felt so light! Xx