Sunday, 12 February 2012

60's Make-up Tutorial

Happy Sunday!

60's Eye Make-up Tutorial: 
Excuse my messy hair ha!

Whether you're going to a fancy dress party, love to rock creative make-up or just want to try it out. 60's make-up is a look that I find flattering on everybody! With a little practise its quite simple to do and once you've got the knack you can experiment and add your own creativity to this make-up look. For example, you could change the base colours to brights and turn this standard 60's eye to a bright and fun, fashion look. You could even tone it down a little and wear it on a night out! Change the white to a smokey silver and you've got a 60's inspired smokey eye and the best thing about this look is you don't need thousand of different eye shadows and products, all you need are the following;

A Matte Black Eyeshadow
Black Liquid Liner
Matte, highly pigmented white eyeshadow
White eye pencil
False Lashes

This tutorial is just for the eye look not the whole make-up. Team this 60's eye with nude lips and a fresh, barely there base! This is just a guide, you can play with the look however you like :)

Step One: Apply eyeshadow primer to the eye and then cover the whole eyelid up to the brow with the white, matte eyeshadow.

Step Two: Draw a black line just above the crease with black eyeshadow and smudge upwards a little. Ensure the line flicks out slightly at the outer corner like a cat eye flick, but only slightly not too much! Then go over the liner with black liquid liner to intensify. You can go back over the the black shadow if you like.

Step Three: Go back over the white eyeshadow to make sure the white really pops out.

Step Four: Line the upper lash line with black liquid liner flicking out at the end to match the crease liner you done earlier.

Step Five: Liner the water line with white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger and bolder!

Step Six: Line the bottom lash line with black liquid liner and draw on eyelashes or add individual lashes to the bottom lash line!

Step Seven: Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes and add falsies!

Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Recreate this and show me your 60's look!

Katie xoxo


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    1. Thanks so much:) I shall check out your blog x

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    1. Thanks lovely:) Will Check out your blog xx

  3. This is an amazing tutorial! I can't believe you managed to get it looking so similar, I absolutely love it, well done :)
    gabriellasofia (New Follower <3)

    1. Aww thanks Gabriella :) I love 60's make-up!! I am a follower of your blog :D xxx

  4. woah that is good and so pretty!

  5. i looove this look, so glam

  6. i've never known how to create this look before but i'm going to have a go, it's so dramatic i love it! <3

  7. Thank you both! I know its so lovely, and it suits everybody I think! x