Thursday, 23 February 2012

Best deal ever from Illamasqua!! 8 Cream foundations for...

Now is that a great deal or is that a great deal, at £21.50 each this full size cream foundation deal is amazing but before I go on I just want to apologise for my lack of blogging recently! I have been so busy as I have a new job working as a beauty therapist and have had no time!!


So I saw on Illamasquas facebook page about the 8 Cream foundations for £45.00 deal and saw that I could email in and get it delivered to me house, as soon as I saw it I had to get it, it is a great deal and would be so good to help me build my make-up kit! (The offer was for one day only) So after plenty of please' and cups of teas, my mum bought it for me! The range of shades is really great from light to dark. The deal contains shades ; CF100, CF135, CF140, CF150, CF210, CF240, CF320 and CF350. (Shown in pictures, left to right)

They sent a card to say thank you for buying Illamasqua products and gave me 20 percent of their make-up courses which I thought was really lovely of them!

 All cream foundations come with a lovely soft sponge with Illamasqua written across it for application purposes.
  The lighter shades
 The darker shades
For some reason the lighter shades show up similar colours in this picture but they definately aren't! I blame the flash!

The cream foundations have a creamy texture with a powdered finish as they contain powder and so there is no need to set with a setting powder, they give a medium coverage with one application and if you would like a fuller coverage you could do a second application. I feel these foundations would be great for combination-oily skin but not for dry skin as they are quite matte and I feel would attached to dry areas of the face and look flaky.

Illamasqua do some great deals and offers and are doing well for such a new brand on the market in comparison to other make-up brands, I shall definitely purchase from them again.

What are your favourite Illamasqua products?

Katie xoxo

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Smokin Hot..

 After posting a tutorial type post up the other day on 60's Make-up, I decided to do another but with a smokey eye look! I am going to be showing you how to do a silver and black smokey eye, but you can change the colours. Try dark brown and gold with bronzed skin for a Grecian goddess look, deep plums and purples for a vampy eye, silver and lilacs for a spring time pastel eye, the list is endless!

 * Warning- Do your eye make-up before your face make-up!*

What you will need:

Eyeshadow Primer
Natural, matte cream coloured base shadow
White metallic eyeshadow
Light silver eyeshadow
Dark, gun mental silver eyeshadow
Black eyeshadow
Black cream liner
False lashes
Black kohl pencil

 Step One: Begin with the eye make-up first so that any powder fall out can be cleaned and base done afterwards. Apply an eyeshadow primer to the eyelid, all the way up to the brow. Stick a small amount of sellotape along the diagonal of your eye, meeting with the outer corner of your eye. ( You don't have to do this but it just gives the make-up a dramatic edge and is a good guide.)

Step Two:  Apply a light cream coloured eyeshadow as a base, all over the eyelid up to the brow. Then apply the light silver eyeshadow all over the eyelid and blend into the crease.

Step Three: Blend the darker silver/grey shadow front he outer corner inwards and into the crease. The do the same with the black shadow, this creates definition. Apply the metallic white shadow to the  inner corner of the eyes, to instantly brighten the eyes.

Step Four: BLEND, BLEND, BLEND and then line the eyes with a black, cream eyeliner, both upper and lower lash line. Apply black kohl to your waterline.

Step Five: Apply plenty of mascara to your lashes and add false eyelashes.

Finished look
Step Six: Remove sellotape and any powder fall out under your eyes and apply your base make-up, blusher, lipstick/gloss etc and you're done :)

 Pair with a nude lip and contoured cheeks. Here I used; MAC Lipstick in 'Imagine This' from the Christmas set and applied Collection 2000 Creme Puff Lip cream in 'Powder Puff 2' on top.

I used Sleek Face Contour kit in Medium to add definition the cheekbones,temples and jaw and Benefits Girl Meets Pearl highlighter on cheekbones to give a dewy glow.

Hope you found this post helpful. How do you wear your make-up on a night out?

Katie xoxo

Porefessionally Pretty

Hi Fellow Beauty Bloggers!

I wanted to share with you this great gift set/deal that Benefit are selling at the moment. As its my mothers birthday soon and she loves Benefits Porefessional Primer, I decided to get her this for one of her presents. Instead of just buying the Porefessional on its own I bought this set which comes with a mini Erase Paste in No2 and Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter, all for the same price as Porefessional on its own! £23.50. This is a really great deal as Erase Paste is a great concealer , especially under the eyes,with brightening properties and Girl meets pearl is a gorgeous highlighter that you can use in many ways; on the cheek bones, on the brow bones or mixed in with your foundation for a dewy, J-LO glow. It also has a lovely raspberry scent to it and is my favourite highlighter by Benefit, so if you love High Beam, you're sure to love this!

For those of you who may not know what Porefessional is, I shall explain. One of Benefit's best selling products,  Porefessional is a primer which you can use before foundation and also after  to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines. It is oil-free, translucent, lightweight and gives a really silky finish to the skin.

The mini's are great sizes to carry with you in your bag, especially when you are on a night out! They may be small but they will last you a long time, with Erase Paste you only need a tiny bit otherwise you will look more on the cakey side rather than the clear side haha, a little goes a long way!!  The same goes with Porefessional, you only need the smallest amount and it will go far.

What primers do you like? Have you found any great deals recently?

Katie xoxo

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day my fellow bloggers!

Before I start this short post I just want to say a big  *Thank you* to all new followers , and old for following me!!

Looking for a great red to wear for Valentines, my favourite is OPI's ' Big Red Apple', so whether you've got that special someone or not, pamper yourself today  with red nails and lips!

Lots of Love

Katie xoxo

Sunday, 12 February 2012

60's Make-up Tutorial

Happy Sunday!

60's Eye Make-up Tutorial: 
Excuse my messy hair ha!

Whether you're going to a fancy dress party, love to rock creative make-up or just want to try it out. 60's make-up is a look that I find flattering on everybody! With a little practise its quite simple to do and once you've got the knack you can experiment and add your own creativity to this make-up look. For example, you could change the base colours to brights and turn this standard 60's eye to a bright and fun, fashion look. You could even tone it down a little and wear it on a night out! Change the white to a smokey silver and you've got a 60's inspired smokey eye and the best thing about this look is you don't need thousand of different eye shadows and products, all you need are the following;

A Matte Black Eyeshadow
Black Liquid Liner
Matte, highly pigmented white eyeshadow
White eye pencil
False Lashes

This tutorial is just for the eye look not the whole make-up. Team this 60's eye with nude lips and a fresh, barely there base! This is just a guide, you can play with the look however you like :)

Step One: Apply eyeshadow primer to the eye and then cover the whole eyelid up to the brow with the white, matte eyeshadow.

Step Two: Draw a black line just above the crease with black eyeshadow and smudge upwards a little. Ensure the line flicks out slightly at the outer corner like a cat eye flick, but only slightly not too much! Then go over the liner with black liquid liner to intensify. You can go back over the the black shadow if you like.

Step Three: Go back over the white eyeshadow to make sure the white really pops out.

Step Four: Line the upper lash line with black liquid liner flicking out at the end to match the crease liner you done earlier.

Step Five: Liner the water line with white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger and bolder!

Step Six: Line the bottom lash line with black liquid liner and draw on eyelashes or add individual lashes to the bottom lash line!

Step Seven: Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes and add falsies!

Hope you found this tutorial helpful. Recreate this and show me your 60's look!

Katie xoxo

Friday, 10 February 2012

How I Do My Brows & Brow Mapping

Hi girls,

In this post
 I am going to run you through how I do my brows, with pictures! ( Never before seen- me without my brow make-up so be ready!!) and also how map your brows so they look professionally shaped.

So 2011 saw the rise of the brows, as beautifully arched and defined brows, filled to perfection became more and more popular. Some call it the scousebrow, some call it the Croydon brow- I call it the Kimmy K brow and the way I see it as long as you have great brows you can't go wrong. I would never go out without filling my brows because as you are about to witness, my brows are not up to scratch with my dark brown hair, they seem to appear invisible (especially to my boyfriend who needs glasses!!)  no matter how much I grow them they're just not full enough.  I use Benefits Browzings set in Medium because even though I have dark brown hair, the dark shade comes out very dark and so I would only suggest that to those with darker skins or with black hair. Plus , the colour is buildable so you get the shade you want. If you don't fancy splurging £22.50 you can also buy the exact dupe from Sleek for 6.99!! The sets both come with a wax,powder, mini tweezers,mirror and two mini brushes for application. However I use my own Angled brow brush as the handle is longer and so easier to use!

SPLURGE: Benefit Brow Zings Set- £22.50
SAVE: Sleek Brow Kit-£7.99
 They are eerily similar , right?!

Benefit's Brow Zings come in three shades- Light, Medium and Dark
Sleeks Brow Kit comes in two shades- Light and Dark


Brow Mapping

First things first, whether you are lucky enough to not need to fill your brows and just need to tweeze them into shape or like me you need a little extra help. The shape is important. No matter how thick you like your brows, the shape and proportions should be right.

In the picture above, I have marked out how to ensure your brows are the right shape and start where the should etc.

Red Line- This line shows where your brow should start, to avoid looking like you have a monobrow approaching or having a huge space between your brows. The start of your brow should line up with the edge of your nostril. You could use the end of a eyeshadow brush to check this or something long like a pencil, orange wood stick etc.

Green Line- You brow arch should roughly be at the outer edge of your iris.

Yellow Line- Most people make the mistake of having really short brows, don't do it! Your brow should end at a diagonal to the outer corner of your eye and edge of your nostril ,as shown.

My brows ( Before & After):


With full make up on

                                                 I hope this post was interesting and helpful!

What do you think ?

Katie xoxo

Monday, 6 February 2012

Dreams & Nightmares

Hi Girls,

I mentioned in a previous post a while back that I was going to be a MUA for my college dance show and so I wanted to share with you how it went and my prep for the show, photos etc. The show was last Tuesday and the theme was 'Dreams and Nightmares', I chose to pick the Dreams theme as I thought it'd be quite fun  and so to begin made a mood board of make-up ideas and images that inspired me.

I cut out photos from magazines, printed some from the web and made a huge mood board of ideas and imagery, sweets,cakes, brightly coloured make-up, glitter and more. I decided to give my model a doll like make-up look, which looked like a mask to go with her bubble-gum pink hair and here's how it turned out.

The hair was done by a fellow hairdressing student which I felt helped to bring the whole look together. Overall, I am happy with how the make-up turned out, just sad my camera isn't that great but I did get some professional photos done my a photographer there so will try and get hold of those!
I purposely made the colours bright and features exaggerated to give a doll like look and also as it is on stage it needed to be seen through the lights and crowds of people! I drew the lashes on the bottom  and used falsies on the top, to give a wide-eyed effect !

Me & my fellow MUA student friend, Kerri :) (Not the best pic of me ha)
What do you guys think?

Katie xoxo

Friday, 3 February 2012

Amazon Haul

Hey Girls,

I wanted to do a haul post on some cosmetic items I bought from Amazon the other day. They weren't delivered all together so I had to wait for them to arrive before posting so sorry for the delay!

I bought:

W7 Honolulu Bronzer-£1.99
W7 Fan Brush-£1.25  (Sent with Bronzer so shipping was just £1.99 on top)
Eylure Nautralities in Super Full No 100-£3.75
Royal & Langnickel  S.I.L.K Pro Angled Shader Eyeshadow Brush-C500-£3.23
Royal Cosmetic Connections Eyelash Adhesive 7g-£2.55

( All include delivery price)

I never realised how good Amazon is for bargain beauty buys, many people say be careful when buying cosmetics online but Amazon has always been reliable for me and some items you can buy so much cheaper than in store. For example, the Eylue lashes are usually approx £5.99 in most stores! Cant help a bargain!!

The reason why I bought these Eylure lashes is because last Saturday I applied these lashes to a friend of mine and they looked lovely! I love the fact that the rim of the lashes isn't thick and so looks natural stopping you from having to apply a thick line of eyeliner to cover it! They also feel really lightweight on the eyes and so would be great for daytime wear and they blend in nicely with your own lashes. I shall take a picture of me wearing them when I use them, for you guys!

  I am yet to try this eyelash adhesive, I bought it from the same seller who sold me the pack of 10 lashes in the previous post as those lashes didn't come with any glue. I shall let you know my verdict once I use it!

 Probably my favourite buy, this angled shader brush from Royal & Langnickel as it is super soft and just the right size and angle to blend eyeshadows in the socket line to create the perfect smokey eye! I shall definitely be buying more of their brushes. I plan to buy a blusher brush next. Highly recommend girls!

  Lastly, my two purchases from W7, I haven't used their products before but I have seem them around online. I am pleased with the fan brush as it is really soft and doesn't feel scratchy on the skin. I have wanted a fan brush for ages for my brush kit as it is great to apply a light dusting of powder/blusher on the face without applying too heavily. I haven't had any hair fall out which is good as I expected there to be some as its quite cheap!

I have been searching for a cheap, matte bronzer which doesn't have shimmer in for ages and have found it hard1 So when I saw this 'Benefit Hoola' imitation powder I just had to buy it. It makes me laugh how similar it is too 'Hool' in terms of shade and packaging. It comes with a small brush, which although it is soft I wouldn't recommend applying the bronzer with unless you are in a state of emergency and have no other brush to use.

      I have applied quite alot in my swatch for it to show up on my skin tone, I do like how it goes onto the skin as it blends easily, has no shimmer and isn't too orange looking compared to many other cheap bronzers.

What do you think of my purchases my fellow beauty bloggers??

Katie xoxo

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bargain Alert!!

Hi Lovelies,

 So this is just a short post on a great bargain I got from Amazon the other day, which I just HAD  to share with you all!  10 pairs of lashes for £2.79!! Yes that cheap! Shipping was £2.20 and so rounded it up to £4.99 but either way that is a great bargain!! So some of you may think 'Yes its a bargain but they're probably rubbish' and half of me was thinking that however it was too cheap to say no and I wanted to use them for my make-up kit, even just for practise looks.

The lashes them self come in a rectangle box with a love heart window which I find really cute! They're all stored together so you don't have to worry about countless boxes of lashes all over the place! The lashes are full,long and feel really soft. I am yet to try them out to see if they look as good on, but I will keep you updated!

If you want to buy these you can get them from Amazon or from the seller directly at

Please note: The lashes do not come with glue but I bought the glue from the same seller separately and I'm currently waiting for it to arrive.

Love Katie


Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Liptint

Hi Girlies,

 2011 saw the rise of lip tints and if you read some of my previous posts, I told you all that I was reviewing a lip tint for Superdrug's DARE magazine. Well, this is it! Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Liptint in Timeless Tango. Timeless Tango is a red/pink shade, not something I'd usually wear, I prefer slightly lighter pinks or a true red shade. The applicator the lip tint somewhat reminds me of a white board pen nib, which is great as it is easily to apply and enables precision.

Apologies for the dodgy pic!

 I really liked the fact that this lip tint came with a balm to apply on top as most lip tints can be quite drying on the lips and so the balm left my lips feeling soft. I would probably wear this again, especially on a night out as I think it would last much longer than a lipstick or gloss, after a few drinks. My only negative is that contrary to the claim on the packaging, it does transfer and so begins to fade but still leaves a stain as if you have been eating a red ice lolly, I  don't think it'd last 1000 kisses (Haha)  but it does stay on and stains the lips for sure.

What  do you guys think?  Have you tried any good lip tints?

Katie xoxo