Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mini Cosmetics Haul

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd post a quick review on a few products I bought today, I was in Boots in Wandsworth Shopping Centre and after seeing the review of this No7 Nail polish from 'The Sunday Girl', I just had to go get it! Of course as many women like me do, I didn't just buy one thing!

After looking through the different make-up selections in Boots, I found this colour and loved it. It is by Collection 2000 and costs a measly £2.99! The shade is number 8- 'Sweet Tart', from their 'Lasting Colour' range and is a pretty pink shade with a glossy feel to it. It is easy to apply and leaves the lips feeling moisturised, it has quite a long lasting effect which I am surprised about at such a cheap price but I cannot complain. The colour of the lipstick looks slightly lighter than it actually is in the photo above due to the flash. This lip colour looks really nice with a bronzed face and simple lined eyes for a chic look.

 Now, this lip liner was just a random buy that I threw in my basket but I am actually quite happy with it. The crayon is soft and glides easily and the colour comes out a nice pink (hoping to use this with the new lippy!!). This lip liner is by Natural Collection and was just £1.99! The shade is Ruby Rose. I cant say its amazing as I am yet to try wearing it but its great if you need a pink lip liner on a budget!

I have saved the best till last! I am in love with these polishes already and can't wait to wear them. After seeing this No7 nail polish on 'The Sunday Girl's' blog I just had to get it. The shade is 'Cheeky Chops 240' and is a coral/pink shade, moving more towards the pink in my opinion. The colour comes out really pigmented and 2 coats is more than enough. It would usually cost me £7.00 but I used a £5 off No7 voucher and so it brought it down to £2! Bargain!! This shade will be perfect on holiday and I cannot wait to wear it!
The other polish I bought is a Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint in  'Silver Glitter'- now I wouldn't wear this alone as its not very pigmented but it would look amazing on top of a normal silver polish or to add shimmer to another nail polish colour.

Hope you liked my post, let me know what you think!

Katie xoxo


  1. I've got the silver glitter polish too. Love it!

  2. It is lovely! Glitter polishes are very on trend at the moment, dont see why we cant bring a bit of Christmas sparkle into the new year!:) x

  3. Wow, they pink lipsick is SUCH a pretty colour. I've never had a collection 2000 lipstick but I'm going to try some after seeing a couple of blog posts about the beautiful pink ones like this!
    Ant the nail polishes are so pretty as well - can't beat a bit of glitter!

    lovely blog <3


  4. Aw thank you! Yeah I was really surprised about the quality of this lipstick for such a low price and its quite a nice colour. The other pinks by them arent as nice but I love this shade! Yeahh I tried the glitter ontop of a silver on my toes and it looks really nice. Will check out your blog :) x

  5. At first I expected the lippy to be a similar colour to the nail varnish .. Cos they look identical in the photo.. But it swatched surprisingly pretty .. I got a Mac GAGA glam vibe from the way it looks on you. Why do we spend ludicrous money on fancy brand lippys when there are cheap n cheerful brands like these? I also heart that pink varnish, it soo screams holiday .. Would look ideal by a pool in a really hot country *hint hint*.. :)

  6. I know the lipstick is a lovely shade, I keep wearing it!! I find it hard to find great pink lip shades that I like on me so I'm really happy with this one. Exactly! There are some hidden gems! x