Sunday, 22 January 2012

'LOOK' what I got!..

Hi Guys,

 So the time has come, LOOK posted my 4 products to review and I got them on Friday. Sorry for the delay have been busy since then! I have sent them my review and so regular LOOK readers may see me in  the mag soon, I'm guessing Feb or March's issue, so watch this space...

Now obviously I couldn't just do the review for LOOK and not show you guys so here it is! They sent me 4 long-lasting coloured liquid liners to review and compare and those were:

Urban Decay Waterproof 24/7 Liquid Liner in Woodstock- £14
GOSH Extreme Art Liner in No 11-£5.99
Stargazer Eyeliner in Purple-£3
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Liner in Bronze- £19

My thoughts:

Urban Decay- I am not really a fan of the packaging for this as it makes the item look cheap, when it definitely is not. I wouldn't wear this colour as it isn't very flattering for around the eye and is hard to wear, because of that I wouldn’t buy this liner as I don't feel it is worth the money , however it does stay on well and doesn’t smudge.   3/5

GOSH- This is my second favourite out of all the liners, it’s gorgeous, turquoise colour would be great in the summer with a golden tan or if you're going out. I like the packaging as it is simple yet effective as you can see exactly what colour the liner is going to be. I definitely think it is worth the money as it’s very reasonably priced and, lasts long and is really pigmented! However, it is very hard to get off and is definitely not a lazy, baby wipe job!    4/5

Stargazer- My least favourite out of the four liners, I wouldn't recommend this liner as it takes ages to dry, is very watery and once it finally does dry, crumbles off. The price definitely reflects on the product as the brush isn’t very precise and it smudges easily.  1/5

Estee Lauder- I really like the packaging of this eyeliner as the long handle makes it much easier to use, the liner brush is a firm pen-like brush and so makes it easy and precise when applying. The colour is really pretty and would add some glamour to a smokey brown eye! It stays true to its claim and doesn’t smudge and lasts long. My only negative is the price, at £19 it is quite expensive for an eyeliner and so I probably wouldn't buy it unless I want to treat myself.  4/5

What do you guys think?

 Are there any liners you would recommend?

Katie xoxo


  1. i recently done a rewiev on my blog about the gosh one.
    I have excact the same color and I agree - gorgeous
    but holy cow , i made a swatch on my hand 3 days ago and i still can not scrub it off haha

    1. It is gorgeous but it is sooo hard to get off! Haha same I have tried scrubbing it off and its still faintly there! crazy!! xx

  2. The estee lauder one looks right up my street.x

  3. I agree with the girl above, the estee lauder one is definitely my fave!

  4. It is a really lovely colour! Xx