Monday, 30 January 2012

Enough to make the angels blush...

Hi Dolls,

 As you all know I work for Benefit Cosmetics and on Saturday we launched our new box powder blusher ' Hervana'. Of course I got a free one of these and thought it's only fair for me to share this with you!

A 'good karma' face powder'
  The packaging for the blusher has 'heaven' theme, which I find really cute like many of the packaging's for Benefit products. In the box there is the blusher (of course), a mirror which is handy for those cheeky little make-up touch-ups through-out the day and a really soft, angled brush to apply the blusher with. Unlike some blushers which come with a brush this brush is pretty good quality and I haven't experienced no fall out when using.

So onto the blusher itself, it has a swirl design with four different shades of pink- lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight. You can blend these together for a pink flush or use individually. A little tip- you can use these individually as eye shadows also!

Angled blusher brush

 Now my thoughts of the blusher, on my skin tone it doesn't show up very well and can look quite ashy, so I wouldn't recommend this shade if you have tanned skin. However, when I tried it on ladies with fairer skin tones at work, it looks really pretty and very on trend for the spring time!

If you would like to purchase this blusher you can buy it on the Benefit Cosmetics website or at your local Benefit counter for £23.50. Come by and see me on a Saturday if you shop in Croydon Debenhams ;)

What are your thoughts? What is your fav Benefit blusher? Mines Dallas!

Katie xoxo


  1. I gave up on Benefit make up ages ago and moved onto Bobbi Brown and MAC. The shades are never exact with benefit any more! Great review :)

    1. I love Bobbi Brown and MAC! There are so many products I'd loev to try from Bobbi Brown. I aspire to work for them one day!

      Thanks Joelle xx

  2. How nice that you work for Benefit.
    I don't own a blush from them, but I'm thinking of buying this one some day.

    Love Katrien

    1. Yeah its nice to be around make-up all day! ha.. Ohh yeahh or you could try Sugar Bomb, thats nice too

      I shall check out your blog

  3. The packaging is lovely as usual! I don't use blusher personally but if I decide to, Benefit will be my first stop !

    1. Ohh don't you! Dallas or Cha Cha tint would love lovely on you :) x

  4. I bought this today, I have had a quick go of it and it seems to be a really good blusher! can't wait to have a proper go :) xxx

    1. I can imagine it looks really nice with your skin tone and blonde hair! :) Im sure it wont fail you! xxx

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah it would look lovely on you!! x