Saturday, 7 January 2012

B-Lush Beauty

Hi guys,

So I really wanted to post a review on this new 'Black Up' Blusher I bought but my camera has decided it doesn't want to take photos today!!  As you know, I am a qualified beauty therapist, so I thought I'd show you all some pictures of my home salon that I have. I've named it B-Lush Beauty as my older sister also has her own home salon based in a cabin in her garden in Crawley. I am based in Mitcham and provide the following; Swedish Massage, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Acrylic nails, Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting and Waxing. Recently, between doing my make-up course at college and working on the Benefit counter,I haven't had much time to do treatments and must start doing some again!! E-mail me if you would like to book! :)

As you can see I've kept things simple but pretty with decoration, the theme being pink, black and white. I love how alot of light gets into this room so its very refreshing when you walk in. The rooms quite small but the size is just right and I can fit all my treatments in. I have a nail station which is where I do the manicures and acrylic nails,using OPI Polishes of course!, then the massage bed which I also use for facials, massage, waxing and tinting. Pedicures can either be done with the bed or on a normal chair.

Let me know what you think of my salon!

Katie xoxo


  1. Wow.. Ur so talented, im really proud of what your doing... Pretty soon ull be doing make up and massages for the likes of Kim K and Prince Wills's bird.
    Im now a regular at your salon from now on n all be taking all my mates along with me, I'll recommend you to every one I know.. The days of noisy highstreet parlours and queues in the china shops are long behind me!

  2. Aww thanks T!! Haha maybe one day, and you can travel round with me, my own air hostess lol :).. ohhh thank youu thats so lovely of you! Yep now you will have your own secret retreat! :) xx

  3. Haha.. I have a blog request what products would your recommend for dark circles and refreshing the skin whilst being on the go! Ta luv

  4. that is so lovely!

  5. your beauty room is beautiful im also a beauty therapist and one wish to open my own home salon, inspiration :)

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    1. Oh thank you:) oh really! A fellow beauty therapist blogger! I will follow you xx